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Characteristics of gastrointestinal metastasis in lung cancer: single centre experience from Eastern India
Shrikant Atreya

The intersection between addiction medicine and palliative care: a challenging case study
Lucy Demediuk

Assessing patient satisfaction with intranasal trans-mucosal Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) block as a treatment option for the management of headaches and facial pain in palliative patients: A prospective cohort study
Navid Amirabadi 

The impact of ascitic paracentesis on symptomatic outcomes in palliative patients – the 3-year experience of a secondary referral center in Melbourne, Victoria
Kiran Gopinath Iyer

Survey of health care interpreters and breaking bad news conversations
Helen James

Mexiletine For Persistent Neuropathic Pain - A Case Series
Dharshini Kunahlan     

Current Australasian Palliative Physicians' and Psychiatrists' Practices and Perceived Challenges for Depression Assessment And Management in Patients with Very Poor Prognoses – (Online Survey)
Wei Lee

You can die well under general medicine: a retrospective chart review
Elise Maehler

An Audit of Acute Transfers to a Children's Hospice for Care at End of Life            
Christine Mott

Impact of Covid-19 on Paediatric Palliative Care Services in Queensland
Christine Mott

Ethics and evidence relating to palliative sedation: a case study
Kimberley Omond

Through the eyes of the patient and clinicians: Comparing the views and perceptions around corneal donation discussions in palliative care
Chirag Patel

Diagnosing dying: perceptions among junior doctors in training
Michelle Preeo

Patients known to a consultation-liaison palliative care service in an acute hospital: a review of family distress    
Ganan Ravindran

Antimicrobial use in palliative care  -  prescribing in a hospice inpatient unit    
Tom Reid

Tracking patients who have been discharged from a community palliative care team     
Davinia Seah

I want you to know my wishes
Davinia Seah

“Restless” for forty years: The impact of restless legs syndrome in end stage kidney disease
Sarah So

Does specialist palliative care involvement affect end-of-life outcomes in patients with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease? A retrospective multi-center observational study
Hoong Jiun Tee

Implementation of a terminal phase symptom observation chart in subacute geriatric medicine wards: A quality improvement approach
Aaron Wong

Prevalence and sites of pain in remote-living older Aboriginal Australians, and associations with depressive symptoms and disability
Aaron Wong
#ANZSPM 2020 Virtual Conference
Palliative Care - Strength Through Uncertainty
#ANZSPM 2020 Virtual Conference